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About Us

About NxSemi.com
About NxEdge Secondary Market Group
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About NxSemi.com


NxSemi.com provides online visibility into the products and services offered by NxEdge Secondary Market Group (SMG). The website provides direct access to one of the largest on-hand inventories of spare parts in the industry, in addition to pre-owned semiconductor equipment and modules.


About NxEdge Secondary Market Group


The global provider of spare parts and refurbished equipment for the semiconductor industry since 1997, NxEdge Secondary Market Group (SMG) enables customers to effectively manage assets throughout the post-warranty ownership cycle.


Owned and operated by parent-company NxEdge, Inc. out of Bellevue, Washington, NxEdge SMG leverages global partnerships and an extended sales network to ensure inventory availability and rapid distribution of parts worldwide – reducing the financial impact of down systems during planned maintenance or emergency situations. Our reputation for quality, inventory availability, and on-time delivery makes us your key partner in meeting ongoing factory management challenges.


To compliment our core parts business, NxEdge SMG provides complete refurbishment of Novellus Concept One and Concept Two CVD systems -- including retrofits, upgrades, size conversions, and field service support. All of our refurbished systems are sold with warranty and guaranteed to meet original published manufacture specifications.


Our business portfolio also features a wide selection of pre-owned equipment and refurbished subsystems at significant savings over the expense of a new unit.


For more information, contact NxEdge SMG at 1.208.362.7200 or email info@nxsemi.com.

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